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We did it! 

No cow pasture or bus stop was missed

We now are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity

to every qualified student at no extra cost.

This program will provide you with a personal & exclusive introduction to agencies that have extensive knowledge and backed by many years of experience in the Judgment Recovery Business. 

By being affiliated with these agencies, you will have the ability to place files with them at no placement fees and absolutely no upfront costs to you.

With their history of being well recognized, their experienced in-house staff and nationwide resources of attorneys, you will be able to market your business throughout the United States.

These agencies have read our Mission Statement and have the same values, beliefs and goals. 

This program is uniquely designed to allow any qualified student to forward judgments immediately with the realistic possibility that you will find your tuition back in your pocket before you even collect your own judgment or finish your training program. 

Again, following and helping our mission in..

“... allowing each student

the realistic opportunity to make a profit

in their first year of business...”

Q:  What is a “qualified” student?

A:      A “qualified” student is simply a student who is currently enrolled AND is in good standing. 

            Students have immediate access to this incredible resource.

Q:  Do you really have an attorney in every state?

A:      Yes!, in many states we may have several attorneys who have agreed to help in the collection

           and recovery of a court judgment at no hourly costs to you.

Q: Can I use the agency to work on all my judgments, even after completing my training?

A:      Yes! This program is available to you for as long as you are in the Judgment Recovery Business

           and in good standing with the Judgment Recovery Institute.

Q:  So why not send all my judgments thru this program?

A:      You can.  In fact, this might be a perfect fit for those who are in the training program and still

           holding down a  JOB. 

Q:  I’m ready, now what?

A:      It is easy.  Simply, enroll today. 

         The agency network is part of the virtual campus and everything you need can be found inside the 

         virtual  campus.



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