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Each student of the Judgment Recovery Institute that completes

our basic training program consisting of 10 modules or more

and successfully takes all corresponding quizzes will receive a “Certificate of Completion” which they can proudly display in their office and incorporate this accomplishment

in other marketing materials.

The Judgment Recovery Institute also wants to recognize students of our institution who have successfully completed their training program and have effectively applied the concepts, skills and techniques taught throughout the training program(s). 

Students who meet the necessary requirements can

apply for The Certification Program. 

One of the goals in the creation and development

of the Judgment Recovery Institute

was to provide the highest quality of education

to the Judgment Recovery Professional and

encourage them to enhance their skills through

continuing education.


Students who pass all the criteria for certification will be awarded a

“Certified Judgment Recovery Professional”  certificate from the Judgment Recovery Institute. 

You will also be able to display a “certified graduate” badge on your website, business cards or

any other printed marketing material. 

  1. Criteria for Certification

  2. Student must complete the Virtual Campus Orientation.

  3. Student must complete our E-Learn Basic Training Program and complete all corresponding quizzes.

  4. Student must be in “good standing” and have access to the Virtual Campus Environment.

  5. Student must pay the Certification Program Fee of $ 50.

  6. Student must pass an on-line written Certification examination.

  7. Student must supply current proof of operating in the Judgment Recovery business.

  8. Student must submit copies of specific court recorded documents confirming active status.

Certification examination consists of 100 questions which is composed of (4) different test areas : 

  1. (50)General Practice, (20) Laws & Rules, (20) Vocabulary and (10) Investigative Skills.  90 minute timed test. 

  1. Maintaining Certification

To maintain certification with the Judgment Recovery Institute (JRI), a JRI certified graduate must work towards professional development through continuing education.  There is no re-certification fee if the JRI certified graduate maintains access into the virtual campus of JRI.  If the JRI certified graduate does not maintain access into the virtual campus, there is a $ 99 re-certification fee every two (2) years.

Certification from the Judgment Recovery Institute (JRI) does not give the student any rights to teach or

offer instructions to others on any of the material covered in any of the Judgment Recovery Institute training programs

unless student has applied for and been approved as a Judgment Recovery Coach with JRI.

Career opportunities available for certified graduates.  Visit “Career” area inside the virtual campus for more information.


FDCPA Certification

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