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  2. Enrollments are accepted by completing our online enrollment form.  No money is due at the time your enrollment form is submitted. 

  3. We do not charge an enrollment fee of any kind to enroll into the Judgment Recovery Institute.


  5. Once you have submitted your online enrollment form, you can expect an email within a few hours with instructions on how to complete your enrollment process.  This will include instructions on how to pay your required tuition amount selected on your application form. 

  6. You have the option of paying the full tuition amount or you may enter into our interest-free, Tuition Payment Plan Agreement (TPPA-10).

  7. The Tuition Payment Plan Agreement (TPPA-10) is an interest free payment plan agreement which allows you to pay your tuition fee in (10) monthly payments.  You can get started by simply paying your first month tuition payment plus a one-time, non-refundable TPPA enrollment fee of $50.  Your remaining tuition balance will be divided into (9) equal monthly payments, custom built using payment dates that work for you.  For full terms and conditions, TPPA.doc.

  8. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are accepting a grant, you must pay the remaining tuition amount due in full within 72 hours.  Our bylaws do not allow us to accept the reserved donated funds until you have completed the enrollment process.  Sponsors are only required to hold such donations for 72 hours so prompt payment is required to ensure you do not lose a grant opportunity. 


    After completing steps 1 & 2, a welcome email is sent providing you with your Student  Identification number along with instructions on  how to access

    the Virtual Campus.           


  1. Bullet  Student should possess basic computer skills.  It is not necessary to be a computer expert but, the student should know how to use a mouse and keyboard, launch a browser, get online and to the Internet, download files, save files, print documents and send and receive emails.

  1. BulletThe Virtual Campus site is password protected which requires the use of both lower and upper case characters and numbers.  

  1. BulletThe Virtual Campus site can be accessed by all computers with Internet access.

  1. BulletThe Virtual Campus site includes documents written in Microsoft Word.  Student should have Microsoft Word 2004 or newer to access these documents with ease.  Students who do not have Microsoft Word should download OpenOffice at for free.

  1. Bullet  The Virtual Campus site includes a few documents written in Microsoft  Excel.  Student should have Microsoft Excel 2004 or newer to access these documents with ease.  Students who do not have Microsoft Excel should download OpenOffice at for free.

  1. Bullet  The Virtual Campus contains a number of video & audio segments.  Students should have speakers/sound card to listen to recorded segments.

  1. BulletThe Virtual Campus site includes .pdf files from Acrobat Reader.  Students can download Adobe Reader for free at

The Enrollment Process

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