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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you sell a written course?

There are already a number of written courses available on the market about the Judgment Recovery business.  Most of the students of the Judgment Recovery Institute have already spent money on buying one of these courses and may have found the course helpful in understanding the foundation of the Judgment Recovery business but still have not been able to get their business up and running and are still waiting to see the money. 

Our program is designed to go beyond the books.  Our program holds your hand through the process, building it piece by piece, step by step.  During the training program, you will be provided with a wealth of information including many handouts in which you will be instructed to create your own training manual.  We believe this exercise alone, helps you to better understand each lesson and the corresponding handouts.

I have not purchased any written course so can I still enroll in your program?

Yes.  We will be happy to suggest some books to read to introduce the general concept to you.   You may be able to find some of these books at your local library or we can suggest some written courses to consider if you would rather have something to put on your bookshelf for future reference.

I have been in business for awhile , can I still enroll?

Yes.  In fact, many just like you elect to enroll in our E-Learn Starter Program for less than $2.00 per day.  This is a perfect choice for those who are already in the business but are still struggling.  We are sure you will find the resources available through the virtual campus as the much needed “jump start” to finally get your business going in the right direction. 

Can I really make over $100,000 per year?

The Judgment Recovery Business is not a “get rich scheme” nor is it a multi-level-marketing business.  It is designed to allow you to earn a substantial income from working directly from the comfort of your home.  But, like most home based businesses, a business  that solely revolves around you and your performance, only makes you money while you are working it, in addition you can never sell this business, since you are the business.

We believe to build a successful business you must build 2 separate arms to balance your business.  One arm that involves you directly, making you money when you are working it and keeping you in the game allowing you to learn and become the best. 

The second arm is needed to bring balance and holds you up when you decide to not work and enjoy the day golfing or vacationing with your family.  This arm is working and generating some money because it is not solely dependent on you.

So, to answer the question.......YES, you can make over $100,000 per year and some of you may reach this goal on your own but many of you will reach it with a team who works when you are not working.   Sounds like multi-level-marketing but I promise you, it is not.

As a student, you are personally part of an amazing concept.  There is no extra costs to be part of this program.  We gladly supply you the tools, sources and knowledge to succeed.  As a student of the Judgment Recovery Institute, the door of opportunity will be opened and we will hold your hand as you enter the exciting, challenging and rewarding world of Judgment Recovery.

I’m ready, how do I become a student of the Judgment Recovery Institute?

You will need to complete our online enrollment form.  It is an easy 3 step process.

What is the difference between your training and a book about this subject?

There is a BIG difference.  Many of the courses available out on the market today have been written many years ago and much of the information in these books may not be current.  This itself can lead someone to jump ship fast.  A simple violation in the FCRA, GLB or UPL can be enough to lighten your checkbook by several thousands of dollars and force anyone out of this business.

Our training is designed to break down the business into small, workable steps allowing you the opportunity to finally build and learn this business while working it all at the same time. 

In addition, our program goes beyond collecting court judgments.  We introduce you to a team of professionals who are well recognized and have been in the collection/debt buying business for over 20 years combined with a network of attorneys in every single state!  This allows you an incredible opportunity to market your business on a nationwide level immediately. 

Plus, you will be introduced to 3 different methods to immediately start making money through these unique programs exclusively available to our students with our first goal of helping to get your tuition back into your pocket before you ever collect your first judgment or even finish your training.

After your first goal is reached, we work with you throughout the year to help you reach the second goal, “ ...  to make a profit in their first year of business”


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