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Our Company

Every year, many people attempt to venture into the exciting world of Judgment Recovery, only a few will survive.

Now, you can be one of them...

Benefits of Becoming

a  Student of the

JR Institute

  1. Educational Excellence Achieved through Extensive One on One Training.

  2. Access to our virtual campus containing a wealth of information, tools & valuable resources.

  3. State specific information including forms, state statutes and court procedures.

  4. Continuing support via phone, email & e-group.

  5. Free webinars exclusively for students only.

  6. Updated laws, policies & hot legal news topics.

  7. Receive a substantial discount from industry vendors & exclusive offers only available to students.

  8. Add to your professional credentials - Graduates received a Certificate of Completion which they can proudly display, working towards the Certification Program.

  9. Access to attorneys in every state at no hourly fees ever.

  10. Access to our agency network at no extra charge.  Place your files with nationwide agencies at no placement fees ever.

  11. Access to over 46,000 Free links to State & National records.

  12. Free electronic software for attorney forwarding.

  13. Access to licensed Private Investigators throughout the U.S. to assist in commercial collection investigations.

  14. Access to over 130 court researchers throughout the  United States.

  15. All students are immediately qualified and can become an affiliate office of a Nationwide Judgment Enforcement Agency, jump starting their new business.

  16. With all the resources at your fingertips, you can build not just a local office but a nationwide business that consists of a team that works even when you don’t.

  17. Allowing you to build a business that can be transferred to your family ensuring future income for them.

  18. Enjoy the tax benefits of owning your own business -  even your tuition may be tax deductible.

  19. Back by our Risk Free Guarantee

The Judgment Recovery Institute (JRI)

is a distance learning program allowing you the freedom to learn without ever having to

give up your job, current income or leave your family or home. 

Your Certified Instructor will patiently work with you through each lesson, step by step. 

You will learn at a comfortable pace while having access to our virtual campus day or night. 

Our training program is designed to allow you to make money while learning. 

This is possible because you are provided with all the resources, an experienced team of Collection Attorneys

and agencies who will work on files that you forward to them while you are still learning the business. 

So while you are learning, sleeping and having time with your family; your extended team is working and making you money. 

This concept allows many students to recover their tuition even before finishing their training program.


We believe that you deserve to be taught by those in the business, doing the business and making money in the business.   Detailed bios on each of our highly experienced instructors can be found in our virtual campus.  Each student has access to a LIVE, experience and certified coach/mentor during their entire first year at no extra cost.


The virtual campus is simply a password protected website exclusively available to our students.  This allows you 24 hour access to all lesson material and quizzes as well as a wealth of information designed to ensure your training is cutting edge and current to the latest legal updates, court forms, policies and procedures. 


Enrollment has never been easier. Simply, fill out the online enrollment form and click on the “submit” button on the bottom of the form. Send no money. Your enrollment application will be reviewed and further instructions will be emailed to you allowing you to complete the enrollment process and gain access to the virtual campus within just a few short hours.


If accepted into the Judgment Recovery Institute, the tuition is due in full prior to entering into the virtual campus.  We also provide an interest free, in-house financing option for those who require affordable monthly payments.  Remember, your tuition and other office expenses may be tax deductible.


Our Certification Program recognizes those students who have demonstrated their ability to effectively apply the basic concepts and techniques taught in our training programs.  Graduates of the training programs can work towards the certification program.  Students who successfully complete all of the necessary requirements for certification will be issued our highest degree. Job opportunities available for certified graduates with JRI.


Each student is placed on a maintenance program after completing their training program at no extra charge.  The maintenance program allows us to provide additional support as needed and ensure the graduate has every resource available for their continued success.  Support is available for past students via email and e-group for as long as you need it.


JR Institute of Advanced Learning (JRIAL) aka Judgment Recovery Institute (JRI)

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