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“.. will not be disappointed.”

“  No matter what you are being trained for, it's important to have a teacher who not only knows the business  but actually works it as well.  Petra Alluis runs her own successful judgment & recovery business as well as teaches.  She has a passion for her craft and it shows.  She is committed to what she teaches and truly wants her students to be successful.  Her courses are the best that we found and  well worth the price.  We would highly recommend her training program.  You will not be disappointed.   She is a true professional.”

 Randy & Donna

We R Judgement & Recovery LLC

“... all the tools & knowledge to succeed....”

“..I have taken many classes throughout my life both in formal settings (masters in business) and informal settings (real estate investor training) and no teacher in any of these settings cares as much that her students have all the tools & knowledge to succeed as Coach Petra.  I believe that any thing I needed to know about the judgment recovery business from setting up my business all through the actual collection process (making money) was covered.  If it happened that, I missed something along the way I am sure it was because I did not ask the question and even this issue is covered as Petra has small follow-up sessions throughout the year.  

Thank You Petra..”


“...I’m glad that I did,...”

“..I signed up and completed the coaching program offered by Petra Alluis, and I’m glad that I did, because Petra has a lot of knowledge and expertise regarding the judgment recovery process. Every week I learned something new to help me in my business. Without Petra, I would have spent years learning some of the things she taught me. If you want thorough training in the art of judgment recovery, Petra Alluis is the one to call.”

Rueben Moss

“... received our first garnishment check ...”

“As a teacher and a mentor Petra Alluis has provided to us an overall feeling of ease and confidence.  The learning sessions are in a cherry and non-pushy atmosphere.  Her proven system allows us to operate our business while we are learning.  Petra’s dedication to the judgment recovery profession and to her student’s success is obvious.  With judgment recovery we are working from our home office when it fits our schedule.  Today we received our first garnishment check in the mail; wow, what a good feeling!

Thank you Petra”

Gerry & Billie Jo VanSambeek

Regency Judgment Recovery

“... a great educator.”

“Petra Alluis is a great educator.  Not only do you get quality training from years worth of experience, you grow to really enjoy and almost love your training sessions.  I would highly recommend Petra as one of the best qualified teachers in the business.”

Rosemary Brown

“...I am so thankful to be a part of this program.”

“This course is unlike other courses on the market. I did enroll in another course and spent a small fortune for the material and 3 coaching sessions. I was very frustrated and hesitant to enroll in another coaching program after that. I felt as if I got ripped off because I had these books and material, and did not know where or how to start. It did not offer any of the forms and knowledge that this course provides.

That is why I am so thankful to be a part of this program. Nothing is held back, you can ask questions to your coach or your colleagues. There is a support system that you can rely on.”

R, Perez

Bay Area Judgment Acquisition and Recovery.

“... highly recommend... without hesitation ...”

“Judgment enforcement is a complex business. From time to time I find myself lacking in specific details about "how" to do something with the most efficiency. Petra has always been available to me for consultation and I have found her expertise, (technically, strategically and practically) to be unsurpassed. I highly recommend her programs at JRIAL without hesitation.”

Ronald Calef



“..$2,806.63 ... only about four hours...’

“Just like any other business, judgment recovery has its share of "ups and downs." ...applying what we learned to our business practice, we now have significantly more "ups" than "downs." We recently received a payoff from a judgment and netted $2806.63 with only about four hours invested in that file! We never could have accomplished that without Petra's coaching program.

Petra knows the ins and out of the judgment recovery business and gave us the necessary tools to become successful. Her well organized, thorough coaching program taught us how to  maximize our time and efforts. We now have several streams of passive income that we never could have attained without the coaching we received from Petra.”


WestCoast Judgment Recovery

From a graduate of the

Basic Training Program:

Question:  What was the best & worse part of the training program?

“I loved everything about it and look forward to the advanced modules a few months from now. I especially like the team building piece covered by Petra. Partnerships are incredibly important to develop your business.

The worst part? There isn't one.”

“... I purchased three different Judgment Recovery books....”

“I was looking for a home base business, I purchased three different Judgment Recovery Books to learn the business.  Much to my surprise all the books were virtually the same.   Explaining the industry and sharing letters and forms, but never explained "How To Do The Business".  I finally found one source that actually taught me how to "Start and Run a Judgment Recovery  business. 

I currently have 64 Judgments in my pipeline, total amount of $165,200.

So Thank You Virtual Campus, with out your system I would not be in this business.”

Joanne Shearer

Judgment 2 Cash

From a graduate of the

Basic Training Program:

“... the course was excellent..I have taken about 5 other courses and this was by far the best ...of course it cost more but as the old saying get what you pay for..”

What was the best & worse part of the training program?

“Best part of training was Petra.  Worse part found out how little I knew.”

Woody Painter

A+ Loans Inc. - Miami, OK

“... Expert in the world of Judgment Recovery.....highly recommended...”

Robert Feol

The Robert Feol Radio Show

News Radio 600 WREC

Memphis, TN


Annual Webinar

“...All of the marketing information, along with the reminder to "test my campaign" was very helpful. I also really enjoyed listening to other student's participate on the call, and ask about their judgment recovery questions -- that was really great!”

Would you recommend this webinar to other Judgment Recovery Professionals?   “Yes”

  1. A. Hammond

  2. Cascade Judgment Recovery


Annual Webinar

“...Very informative webinar. In two hours I learned quite a bit about how to make my business profitable.”

Would you recommend this webinar to other Judgment Recovery Professionals?   “Yes”

  1. David S.

“... Impressive resource...more hands on, more thorough than the average course....”

Mark Sharpiro

Judgment Showcase

CJC Music Radio (


“... miles ahead of anyone else....” is a goldmine of opportunity.  The course went above and beyond what I expected. I underwent a couple of other trainings last year.  They weren't very helpful. I've spent hundreds of dollars on manuals and books over the last 12 months.  But really, so much of what these so-called "experts" teach you is pure hype.  You know, all the bells and whistles but no substance. Having enrolled with, I can assure you that what they teach you here is miles ahead of anyone else!  I regret that I didn't find you sooner.

- Trina Bryant

“...the results I’m seeing are nothing short of a miracle.”

     “The online course offered at JRinstitute is    second to none. It doesn't make any vague promises. It tells you like it is and delivers home perfectly. This is a great chance for anyone, whether old or young to find success in the judgment recovery business.  The syllabus has been carefully planned out so that  anyone can get on the right track from Day One of the course.  The trainer was professional and efficient. I applied what I learn and the results I'm seeing are nothing short of a miracle.”

- Frederick Harris

“.. yours is revolutionary...”

“  I'm thrilled to have found your website.  I have attended other similar courses before but I have to say yours is revolutionary.  You don't just impart knowledge; you inspire!  I have learnt so much from you. This is the first time I'm seeing positive results in my business!  I went from having 1 judgment to 22 judgments within a short space of time! 

- Timothy Vargas

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